Tuesday, 7 June 2011

My blog experience .. :)

Hi everybody ! Today I will analyzed my writing blog experience. Well, this time was pass so fast for me and I really don`t know how we are here finished class of English x).
Uhm.. I really like this experience, be cause  it was a very different way of learn English, it was more recreational and practical way and I enjoy  writing  the differents topics that we have to do.

I think that this was a very useful way to learn English, be cause we really have to practice this language in its daily way, applying English grammar and lexical.
I also like the environment of the classes : the group that was formed was very enjoyable and classes were very welcoming. 

The advantages -I think- of blogging in class instead of make the ordinary class of English are many: first of all, like I said before, the experience to immediately practice what we are learning it is so rewarding, be cause we could learn things we use everyday instead of learning the language just formalities. Also the class –to be practical- it was more entertaining and pleasant.
For another hand, the disadvantages of this way to learn –from my way of seeing- are:  the lack of specific feddback that can be done about, be cause the thing that we write in our blogs are so wide. Uhm.. appart of that I don’t find any other thing that would be a disadvantage.

Anyway, although I can’t say that all the topics we have to write were to my liking, I think this whole class are very useful for us and very practical and amusing too. 

I hope that the class has served to all of us and that we see later in the English Four, writing anothers blog :B ..

Good Bye everybody !  Kisses and hugs ! =) 

( Well, here I leave you a picture unrelated to the topic, put very true xd )

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

My favourite writer !

Hi classmates !

In this oportunity I won’t  telling you about the last book that I read (be cause I like so many books), but I  will talk to you about my favourite writer of ever !..
He is Mario Benedetti.. I like so much his way of writing. He was a poet, novelist, playwright and journalist. Well, unfortunately he is dead (in May of 2009).

I really love his poems, be cause I fell that he express so much with his conjugation of words. I think that he write with so much feelings and  he communicate his emotions so well. For example:  “(...)If the sun doesn’t warm/ if the moon did not exist,/ then, it would/ sense to live on this earth/ as it would nos makes sense/ live without my life (...)” (For ever, M. Benedetti). Others poems that I really love of Benedetti are: The words. Go together. I love you. Why we sing? .  Don’t save you. Lets make a deal.

I think that the firs book that I read of Mario Benedetti was “La Tregua”, I read this book in the school and I love it. I really enjoy reading this book although I was very little when I read it. But even when I read now this book, and all of Benedetti, I like so much.  
Some of his essays that I like are:  “The culture, this still white” and  “The  reality and the word”.
Uhmm… what else of Benedetti ?  Well there is so much to tell about this ecxelent writer, but I am not here for telling you his biography, although is so interesting of reading x).

I hope if you read him, you really like as me ! …
Bye ! J     

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The photograph that I most like is…

Hello people !  J
I will talk to you about my favourite for ever.. ha! I don`t have  one, be cause I like a lot of photographs  of me, my family, my friends and everybody!  x)
So in this time I  will tell you  about a photograph that’s make me laugh everytime thet I see it…  In this picture Lua appears, but  she looks “different”  - Why?  You maybe ask me- well, it is be cause the picture was distorted, I don’t know how, but  it result very well and makes the picture very funny.
The photograph  was taken by Luana de Castro Hevia ( the credits are for her xd), I really don’t  know when it was taken, but it is not so old (I supposed..)
In here Lua appears with a bottle (I think) in her hands and  the backround it is all orange with things that are not really substantial.
Like I said before, I like this picture be cause every time that I see, it cause me so much laugh and  I am for this moment so amusing and happy x) .
The first time that I saw this picture was in Facebook, be cause Lua upload it  and used this like her  profile picture. So we saw this in internet and we laugh until die  xD.
Uhmm.. I don`t know what else telling you about this photograph, be cause the picture talk iltself …

I will to enclose the picture for you to shared with all of us this amazing  piece of art x) .. hahah, It isn’t  really a piece of art, but it is so, so funny and absurd … I hope tha it makes you laugh  like as me ..


See you !

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The best day of my life ..

Uhm.. this is a little difficult, Why? well, 'cause I've had so many moments of happiness and I really don't know which was the best of all. For another hand, in this moment I don’t feel so good, that’s why I think it won’t be very easy . But let’s try !
Well, I know that would sound half cursy, in fact! It is so cursy , but I’ll tell you anyway …
I think the best day of my life was when I knew that I fall in love. I think that be cause it means more that the fact itself. It involved a lot of thing apart of that and this thing are:

- I’ ve realized that I have so much love for give.
- I knew that I could think in another and care for another one just like the way that I think and care of me.
- Be in love make you fell so happy and that you see the world with others colours.
- Know that other person fell the same about you and being “conect” with the other it’s something that I can`t explain, it’s fell so great.
- This feeling (when is requite) make you are full of energy, happiness, good vibrates and many other things that are so huge that I can`t explain. The words are litlle in view of the sublimity of this feeling.

Well, It was some of the “benefits” that fell in love (according to my apreciation). For all of that I  believe completely that the best thing that it could happened to me I was be in love.. I don’t talk about one specially day, be cause it means for me a “phase” entire of  my life, and that that include so many days x) ..

Ah! I’m sorry for the “gay of my text”, but I  was warning you that it’ll be so cursy ..  cursy but nice C:

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

My favourite piece of technology

Hello class mate !

In this oportunity I talk to you about my favourite piece of technology..
 Well, I’m not really fan of the technology, but there are some pieces that I like. For example, I like listen to music in my Mp4, so now I gonna talk about it.
I got my Mp4 since the last chrismas, it was a present of my boyfriend (he loves technology and he wish that I love  it too).

Uhm.. I use the Mp4 when I go out, when I travel to somewhere far away or when I wanna listen to music and take myself away of everybody.  For that reason I often  used my Mp4 and I listen so much music with this.
I like this because permit me listen music all the time, in anywhere, with anybody  even when I’m alone and I’m  feel  happy, sad, angry, lonely, excited or what ever.
I think that though I’m not really friend of the technology  and  even understand so much, I like a lot listen music, so the Mp4 it is a tool very usefull  for me, because with this I can listen to music  all the time…However I’d be without Mp4 and won’t  be affect  at all …

well..  see you  later !

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Music to listen whe you feel bad ...

When I'm sad I always listen to music that make me feel tha everythings its gonna be allright or  music that make me think about the problems that I have in this peculiar moment… I don’t listen an especcially  kind of music, be cause I like a lot of types differents of music.
For example, this weekend was really bad for me, with so much of problems and conflicts; so I listened to Bob Marley, be cause his music make me feel more calm , his letters make me feel  that  everythings will be resolved. Also listened to Jorge Drexler, be cause his music its so reflexive and made me reflect  about the bad things that I throught and find at least a little solution of them . On the other hand I listened to De Saloon, be cause  they also make me think about the things and relate my troubles with their content.
But when I’m feel really but really bad and I’m not gonne out, I listened only Bob Marley, be cause produce on me fellings that I can not explain, I’m feel empty of serenity and a strange happyness.
Well I will to enclose you some links about this groups and singers and I hope that its serve you when you fell bad or miserable…

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Who I admire ?

Hello everybody, this time I  tell you a little biografhy of  someone who I admire. He is my teacher, the professor  Marcial Beltrami.
Well, I start to telling you that he studied biology and sciences organics and also had a magister in sciences organics ( ethology,  specifically zoology). 

Beltrami actually is teacher of the university of Chile ( particulary psychobiology ) and Metropolitan University of Education Sciences .
He interested of exceedingly in primates, so in his classes he talk very much about them, and he investigate them detail, for example, he made an investigation  on aggressive behavior on animals, particulary baboons.
Apart from be an interesting person and excelent professional, he is a very nice person, so lovely and friendly. Whit his students he is warm and open mind; you can make thounsand of questions and he answer   you  always with a big smile.
I don't now  more about professor Beltrami, be cause I am a newly in his classes. But I like learn so much whit him troughout this year and also  I really hope to know  him .

Here I attach you a picture of him, by then you can recognize to Marcial Beltrami 


hi, now I talk about the last movie  that I saw in the cinema; it was "Friends with benefit" .
this movie was a comedy about two friend that have a free releationship, but  later they felt in love.
Its  was so interesting movie, 'cause it talk  about problems of the  everyday.
in this movie you going to laugh, cry, annoyed and glad.
It is a movie so recomendable if you  wish  see something enjoyable and fresh.
I hope that if you see this movie, you enjoy so much...

good luck !

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Starting Program C:

Hi, I`m MÂȘ Constanza, but you can call me Coti, I’m eighteen years old...
I`m in the first year of psychology  in University of Chile. The university its so near of my house, a twenty block away  
This is my first class of English in the university and I have to confess that i`m scared, ‘cause my English is not very well  and I speak so little and some  confused word…

Well, I leave us for the moment .. see you! Bye