Tuesday, 7 June 2011

My blog experience .. :)

Hi everybody ! Today I will analyzed my writing blog experience. Well, this time was pass so fast for me and I really don`t know how we are here finished class of English x).
Uhm.. I really like this experience, be cause  it was a very different way of learn English, it was more recreational and practical way and I enjoy  writing  the differents topics that we have to do.

I think that this was a very useful way to learn English, be cause we really have to practice this language in its daily way, applying English grammar and lexical.
I also like the environment of the classes : the group that was formed was very enjoyable and classes were very welcoming. 

The advantages -I think- of blogging in class instead of make the ordinary class of English are many: first of all, like I said before, the experience to immediately practice what we are learning it is so rewarding, be cause we could learn things we use everyday instead of learning the language just formalities. Also the class –to be practical- it was more entertaining and pleasant.
For another hand, the disadvantages of this way to learn –from my way of seeing- are:  the lack of specific feddback that can be done about, be cause the thing that we write in our blogs are so wide. Uhm.. appart of that I don’t find any other thing that would be a disadvantage.

Anyway, although I can’t say that all the topics we have to write were to my liking, I think this whole class are very useful for us and very practical and amusing too. 

I hope that the class has served to all of us and that we see later in the English Four, writing anothers blog :B ..

Good Bye everybody !  Kisses and hugs ! =) 

( Well, here I leave you a picture unrelated to the topic, put very true xd )