Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Music to listen whe you feel bad ...

When I'm sad I always listen to music that make me feel tha everythings its gonna be allright or  music that make me think about the problems that I have in this peculiar moment… I don’t listen an especcially  kind of music, be cause I like a lot of types differents of music.
For example, this weekend was really bad for me, with so much of problems and conflicts; so I listened to Bob Marley, be cause his music make me feel more calm , his letters make me feel  that  everythings will be resolved. Also listened to Jorge Drexler, be cause his music its so reflexive and made me reflect  about the bad things that I throught and find at least a little solution of them . On the other hand I listened to De Saloon, be cause  they also make me think about the things and relate my troubles with their content.
But when I’m feel really but really bad and I’m not gonne out, I listened only Bob Marley, be cause produce on me fellings that I can not explain, I’m feel empty of serenity and a strange happyness.
Well I will to enclose you some links about this groups and singers and I hope that its serve you when you fell bad or miserable…

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Who I admire ?

Hello everybody, this time I  tell you a little biografhy of  someone who I admire. He is my teacher, the professor  Marcial Beltrami.
Well, I start to telling you that he studied biology and sciences organics and also had a magister in sciences organics ( ethology,  specifically zoology). 

Beltrami actually is teacher of the university of Chile ( particulary psychobiology ) and Metropolitan University of Education Sciences .
He interested of exceedingly in primates, so in his classes he talk very much about them, and he investigate them detail, for example, he made an investigation  on aggressive behavior on animals, particulary baboons.
Apart from be an interesting person and excelent professional, he is a very nice person, so lovely and friendly. Whit his students he is warm and open mind; you can make thounsand of questions and he answer   you  always with a big smile.
I don't now  more about professor Beltrami, be cause I am a newly in his classes. But I like learn so much whit him troughout this year and also  I really hope to know  him .

Here I attach you a picture of him, by then you can recognize to Marcial Beltrami 


hi, now I talk about the last movie  that I saw in the cinema; it was "Friends with benefit" .
this movie was a comedy about two friend that have a free releationship, but  later they felt in love.
Its  was so interesting movie, 'cause it talk  about problems of the  everyday.
in this movie you going to laugh, cry, annoyed and glad.
It is a movie so recomendable if you  wish  see something enjoyable and fresh.
I hope that if you see this movie, you enjoy so much...

good luck !