Monday, 22 October 2012

Final test

Today I will talk to you about the quizzes that I have to do for prepared the final test of English four.  Well, the categories of the quizzes are: reading, vocabulary, language and listening. In the first you have to read some texts and match the correct alternative for the question about that.  The second one was about find the words correct to complete some sentences. In language you have to match some descriptions with a personage, and also you have write a letter for “a friend” named James. The last part is the Listening, here you have to listen some conversations and answers correct the question after the audio.

Well in reading and listening I have all of score, but in the others I commit some mistakes, above all in the part of vocabulary.

hope that in the real test I pass all the categories to pass the course, haha  J

Monday, 8 October 2012

A present

Well, I’m gonna talk to you about a present that I received some time ago, that present is my bike. I choose these, because it’s really useful to me… The bike was of my sister, and I used that occasionally only, because she cares a lot of her bike.
With the pass of the time, she left the bicycle apart; she bought a car and never used the bike again.  However, she had in mind to sell the bike, so she cares about the bike even more (for not spoil or damage the bicycle). For this, I lose all my opportunities of ride the bike… So I have to translate walking (because the transantiago cost too much for my routes).
Anyway, for my birthday my sister ask me about the bike, she ask me if I like and if I really use the bicycle If I have that.  I told her that of course that I’ll use, and if I have money for buy one, I already have one… Pass a few days and my sister come to home with her bike and said me “it is your birthday present”. I was so happy, and I was very grateful with her.  Since that day I use the bike to go everyway. 

Monday, 1 October 2012

My first day in the University

My first day in the University was in March of 2011. Well, I don’t really remember all the thing, but  I remember that I’m a little nervous, because I’m a little bit shy, so I thought that I’ll a little miss in all this. That was only my thought, because the thing was different…
I came at University one day earlier, because we have a welcome and introduce about the things in the University (to guide by my companions that went in second that year). So, I came and I don’t know where the FaCSo are, and I go to the pasture and I asked to a group of students that stay having a good time there where were de faculty of social sciences (they were to the philosophy faculty). They tell me and I’m went…
When I was walking a bump whit a girl that I don’t know, but anyway we talk and we knew that are partners. So, we walk together to the FACSO and we joined whit our others classmates.  I remember that the first that I thought was that the names of my partners were a really estranges (like Luana, Jael, Eliacim, hahaha) xd… Well, we start to talk  between us and have a good time together, I miss my shy side thank this welcome and this is the way that I star my first day in the University.