Monday, 22 October 2012

Final test

Today I will talk to you about the quizzes that I have to do for prepared the final test of English four.  Well, the categories of the quizzes are: reading, vocabulary, language and listening. In the first you have to read some texts and match the correct alternative for the question about that.  The second one was about find the words correct to complete some sentences. In language you have to match some descriptions with a personage, and also you have write a letter for “a friend” named James. The last part is the Listening, here you have to listen some conversations and answers correct the question after the audio.

Well in reading and listening I have all of score, but in the others I commit some mistakes, above all in the part of vocabulary.

hope that in the real test I pass all the categories to pass the course, haha  J


  1. Hi! i also have a good score in reading and listenig! :)

  2. uyy I'm coty and I'm "seca" jejeje I love you my friend =B, I have full score in vocabulary =B but in language I mistaken in little things

  3. Hi cotii, wow, im surprised, i missed the last class.. when is the final test??

  4. I really don't know, Lali.. Soon I think