Monday, 12 November 2012

A Movie

Hello, today I’m talk about one movie that I have enjoyed. Well, there are too many good movies, but know it came to the mind a movie that call “Chain of favors”, starr by Haley Joel Osment.  I saw this movie long time ago, in the TV I think, one day when my sister told me that a good movie will pass in the TV that night… So I saw it.

The film is a drama and deal with a boy (little boy, like ten years aprox), with a dysfunctional family (only the mother, with problems with alcohol, and grandmother too). He’d to have a work to class and invented something (by the way, he has an excellent teacher, who cares about him and fell in love with his mom). So the kid invented something called “chain of favors”, that consisted in one person have to make three favors to three different persons, and the others persons have to continue with the chain (make a favor to others three persons)… then pass thing so sad, so I don’t telling you, because –for another hand- I’ll telling the final of the film. 

I really like the weft of the movie, in spite –or maybe include that- that is so tragic. But the thing of the movie that I most like is the invention of the “chain of favors”, because, I think is a great idea and I believe that the thing are changes if we help or stay with “the other”. 


  1. ohhh, I saw that movie years ago, it's a great film, it almost makes me cry, but just almost haha.