Monday, 26 November 2012

My experience in English class

Hello, today –in this last post-, I will, talk to you about the class of English of this semester. Well I have to say, that I missed a few (more than only few, really) classes, because I am the worse human being for the organizations, so I mixed all the things that I have to do and always it was end in a fail.
Anyway, for another hand, I like the atmosphere of the classes, because we could laugh, talk, said our opinions and be in a friendly scene (of course that all the things that I said, we have to do in English, obviously).

But, in totally honest, I think  that the English in the university (in general) it is no very useful, because, we don’t  graduate of English being bilinguals or something that, and the English that we have to learn  neither  teach us the technical  language that appears in the papers that we have to read for the classes of the career. So I think that the English class should to  point to one of this things, because I think that the administration try to do the two things (for better), but in the end it is worse.

Leaving aside that, I my opinion I have to practice and learn more vocabulary, because my repertoire it is so poor, and the thing like grammar I have to practice too. I feel that in the listening (or understand what try to tell me another person) I am not so bad, hahah.
About the blogs, I think that help us, to write with more propriety about the things, our hand “are releases” or at least a little bit.  We have to write so many blogs, that sometimes it was funny, but another time that was really tedious…

Well, with nothing more to tell you, I have to say goodbye to all of you… Have goods vacations! :D

Monday, 19 November 2012


Hello, today I will talk to you about a case of a woman who was abused by her husband. This is a case that is not so unusual, except for one reason… She calls Deborah and has 31 years old. Since 14 year ago that she was with her ex-husband, and since twelve years that diagnosed her with a neurological condition, so she started to dependent by her husband (because her disability)..
She felt like a freak, and her husband made the things worse: He constantly said her that she was a hindrance for him and for the rest of people and also said her that she was a "psychological vampire” that sucked his energy (he mistreated her psychologically), he also mistreated her physically (for example, deprived her of her basic needs –like food, hygiene, transport-, treat her with so much violence).
Well, time after, she obtains help of and organizations designed to help disabled survivors of domestic violence (DeafHope UK). And now she is fine.
Anyway, I think that this case is a reflex (an expression) of the violence and discrimination that we have as society, so we have to preoccupied to resolve the problem central (associate with this expression with domestic violence), because if we only “resolve” this isolated cases, we’ll be make a “palliative solutions’”, and we aren’t change anything. We have to understand that the problems are not only individuals, all the opposite, if we behavior is for an especially way, well that is because, we are always influence b y the “others” and society.. So I believe that we have to start to intervene for this point…

Monday, 12 November 2012

A Movie

Hello, today I’m talk about one movie that I have enjoyed. Well, there are too many good movies, but know it came to the mind a movie that call “Chain of favors”, starr by Haley Joel Osment.  I saw this movie long time ago, in the TV I think, one day when my sister told me that a good movie will pass in the TV that night… So I saw it.

The film is a drama and deal with a boy (little boy, like ten years aprox), with a dysfunctional family (only the mother, with problems with alcohol, and grandmother too). He’d to have a work to class and invented something (by the way, he has an excellent teacher, who cares about him and fell in love with his mom). So the kid invented something called “chain of favors”, that consisted in one person have to make three favors to three different persons, and the others persons have to continue with the chain (make a favor to others three persons)… then pass thing so sad, so I don’t telling you, because –for another hand- I’ll telling the final of the film. 

I really like the weft of the movie, in spite –or maybe include that- that is so tragic. But the thing of the movie that I most like is the invention of the “chain of favors”, because, I think is a great idea and I believe that the thing are changes if we help or stay with “the other”.