Monday, 27 August 2012


Well, I am not a really fan of Santiago but I think it have a certain charm. For example, I rescue the accessibility that the this city –and all  big cities in general- have in compare with  others places (for example, mi brother  live in Curarrehue and  he really don’t have the  means to go easily  to any place, either to get an health service or to go a place and have a good time).  Also I like the differents visible sceneries that the city have, like the infrastructure mixed with the differents colors that appears in a day
For another hand, I really don’t like the life style that we have in the city, be cause it’s –for me- so accelerated, with indifference for the others, worried only by them selves. I think  that in Santiago it’s disappear a little bit ( a huge little bit) the live with others, the socialization and the people its transformed  step by step in a kind of robots.

So, the only thing that I can tell you if you came to Santiago, is that you try to talk a lot with the persons, be cause you might discover  a lot of things, histories and persons so interesting, that  are worth  to know.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Julian Assange's Case

For me this is an unusual case, be cause I do not understand how it is that they criminalize a fact that - yes it is true, it can have violated certain norms – after all, didn’t have any more purpose that reveal situations of government that, certainly, affects all who belong to the society; and that on the other hand, there are committed so much injustices, violations of the rights, arbitrary handling of situations on the part of those who have the power (be already economic like administrative, although at present it is the same thing), without mattering for them more than your own well-being and profit, but that these are spent for high, justified and even, legitimized and "normalized". In this sense, I believe that exaggerated faults assume Assange and, again, of arbitrary form, to safeguard the interests of those who turned out to be harmed after the disqualification of certain documents, which, to me to seem, in many ocations were the real guilties.

 Continuing with this line, I think that the offering of the Ecuadorians, to give him political assignment is adapted, in my opinion is that - on having been blamed - the doors closed him immediately in its country and he turned out to be forbidden to exhibit its position at least so that the people not only were remaining with the version of the government; for the same - and considering its situation to be unjust - I believe that he needs this space to exhibit his points and to remove this image, falsified perhaps, that generate the television or newspaper about its case.