Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Holidays of Semptember 18th

Hello, this time I am going to tell them to all about what I have done in the celebrations of Fiestas Patrias and, well, so that to speak about the most ancient if we can remember these that happened, that are more fresh. The truth is that I did not celebrate the week of holidays like “oh, the Fiestas Patrias”, but - in general with the people that I share also - it was well received like a week of holidays, with more "typical" things perhaps (like choripán, terremoto, more barbique, chicha, etc). 
For these holidays, my brother (who lives in Villarrica) came for Santiago, for the same, the weekend previous to 18 we went to see my dad, who lives in the country. It was quite entertaining, because the people that live there are very good to amuse themselves and to fool about. then we dance, laugh and ate a lot.
After Monday comes, we join in my house, with my brothers (Nati, Pachi, Hugo), my mom, Nico - the boyfriend of my sister - and Gisse, a friend of my sister. My family is quite ridiculous, so when we are together we join, explode in laughs and jokes … It Was very good, of that time on Tuesday we repeat it.
On Wednesday and Thursday I joined with my friends of the school (it did not see several long ago!), there we remember old anecdotes and well, spend it great. On Friday, we went to Peñaflor, to house of a friend, where we did a roast and took a lot of “terremoto”; for distance and hour we remain to sleep there, so on the following day I came as at seven o'clock to my house, I took a shower and had to go out again, since a very good friend was of birthday. That's why, finally I divided Pirque and my week was there same where I ended.
After all, what I can say about this one holiday, is that it was incredible =)

Monday, 10 September 2012

Francisca, my friend

This time, I will talk to you about my friend Francisca, who really already is like a sister for me. I met Fran on having entered to kínder, she was quite shy, so we were not speaking very much; nevertheless, the time was happening and in first grade of primary  we were already related more, were playing, we were going  to her house or to mine, anyway … we Were growing together, happening for similar processes, sharing our surprises for the changes, our happy moments, losses, sadnesses, confusions, emotions and, well, all. During the whole school period we were class-mate, then she began to study midwifery and I began to study psychology; nevertheless, we see us a lot – it plays us in favor through that in fact we live very close, two blocks in facto hahaha - none is very good to speak neither for Internet nor for phone, so we do the time to ourselves to join and to put ourselves on the day of the things through that other one is living, if it is well, the family, etc.
I believe that what more differentiates to us the one of other one, is that Fran is a very rational person, she thinks enough the things before doing them, it is somewhat opposed to the leather contact, it is organized, arrange and very responsibly; on the other hand I, good, I am everything opposite. But I believe that that is good, since, we show ourselves different visions of the things and each one balances a bit to other one. =)

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The first period of 2010

This time, I will tell them a little about how it was the beginning of the year for me.  Well, this year  began of quite strange form. Academically, we finish the second semester - I go in secundo year - at the end of March and we begin in April with the properly such second year. 
In spite of that, in the same way we had holidays, perhaps more annotated, but that took advantage to the maximum; for example, I went away two weeks for Coñaripe, which stays in the ninth region, it surrounds Panguipulli, Villarrica, Curarrehue, between others. It is a wonderful place, there I remained in tent in a small island that stays at the end of that place.

On the other hand, the beginning of the this year, as for the mobilizations students, was somewhat disorganized, be cause the fortitudes were not the best, one was feeling the weariness in all, nevertheless, either closer to half of year, we could organize ourselves better and began again with the works to keep on giving the fight and to manage, little by little the changes that we want for our educational system and, well, in fact for all the functioning of life of the system that we have nowadays.

It is as well as we come even nowadays, where we are a little better  and continue with the rhythm of things that, in some moment, saw suspended by the different adversities that we are.