Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Holidays of Semptember 18th

Hello, this time I am going to tell them to all about what I have done in the celebrations of Fiestas Patrias and, well, so that to speak about the most ancient if we can remember these that happened, that are more fresh. The truth is that I did not celebrate the week of holidays like “oh, the Fiestas Patrias”, but - in general with the people that I share also - it was well received like a week of holidays, with more "typical" things perhaps (like choripán, terremoto, more barbique, chicha, etc). 
For these holidays, my brother (who lives in Villarrica) came for Santiago, for the same, the weekend previous to 18 we went to see my dad, who lives in the country. It was quite entertaining, because the people that live there are very good to amuse themselves and to fool about. then we dance, laugh and ate a lot.
After Monday comes, we join in my house, with my brothers (Nati, Pachi, Hugo), my mom, Nico - the boyfriend of my sister - and Gisse, a friend of my sister. My family is quite ridiculous, so when we are together we join, explode in laughs and jokes … It Was very good, of that time on Tuesday we repeat it.
On Wednesday and Thursday I joined with my friends of the school (it did not see several long ago!), there we remember old anecdotes and well, spend it great. On Friday, we went to Peñaflor, to house of a friend, where we did a roast and took a lot of “terremoto”; for distance and hour we remain to sleep there, so on the following day I came as at seven o'clock to my house, I took a shower and had to go out again, since a very good friend was of birthday. That's why, finally I divided Pirque and my week was there same where I ended.
After all, what I can say about this one holiday, is that it was incredible =)

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