Monday, 1 October 2012

My first day in the University

My first day in the University was in March of 2011. Well, I don’t really remember all the thing, but  I remember that I’m a little nervous, because I’m a little bit shy, so I thought that I’ll a little miss in all this. That was only my thought, because the thing was different…
I came at University one day earlier, because we have a welcome and introduce about the things in the University (to guide by my companions that went in second that year). So, I came and I don’t know where the FaCSo are, and I go to the pasture and I asked to a group of students that stay having a good time there where were de faculty of social sciences (they were to the philosophy faculty). They tell me and I’m went…
When I was walking a bump whit a girl that I don’t know, but anyway we talk and we knew that are partners. So, we walk together to the FACSO and we joined whit our others classmates.  I remember that the first that I thought was that the names of my partners were a really estranges (like Luana, Jael, Eliacim, hahaha) xd… Well, we start to talk  between us and have a good time together, I miss my shy side thank this welcome and this is the way that I star my first day in the University.


  1. YOu're not shy now or never!!!! and my name isn't strange :C

  2. Coti ! i don't think that you're a shy person!:) you're sweet :D

  3. Hi coti! I used to got lost in the campus too haha not only the first day ...or maybe not "get lost", but many times i didn't know where i was so i just followed other people haha..
    you were very lucky for founding some classmates! =)

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  5. haha, you got lost in the campus, me too :C haha.
    and I agree with you when you say that the names of your partners are very strange...