Monday, 19 November 2012


Hello, today I will talk to you about a case of a woman who was abused by her husband. This is a case that is not so unusual, except for one reason… She calls Deborah and has 31 years old. Since 14 year ago that she was with her ex-husband, and since twelve years that diagnosed her with a neurological condition, so she started to dependent by her husband (because her disability)..
She felt like a freak, and her husband made the things worse: He constantly said her that she was a hindrance for him and for the rest of people and also said her that she was a "psychological vampire” that sucked his energy (he mistreated her psychologically), he also mistreated her physically (for example, deprived her of her basic needs –like food, hygiene, transport-, treat her with so much violence).
Well, time after, she obtains help of and organizations designed to help disabled survivors of domestic violence (DeafHope UK). And now she is fine.
Anyway, I think that this case is a reflex (an expression) of the violence and discrimination that we have as society, so we have to preoccupied to resolve the problem central (associate with this expression with domestic violence), because if we only “resolve” this isolated cases, we’ll be make a “palliative solutions’”, and we aren’t change anything. We have to understand that the problems are not only individuals, all the opposite, if we behavior is for an especially way, well that is because, we are always influence b y the “others” and society.. So I believe that we have to start to intervene for this point…


  1. Coti, you're a copicat... but your summary it's more extensive :) i think that this is a very important topic to the psychology...

  2. oooh is very strange... never I hear this is problem or with this name.

  3. Today, and maybe always, is very important this topic because it's been around the world. Is difficult to find the origin, but the society is very retrograde.